Turmeric is a medicinal root known to give many beneficial health results. It can affect a number of chronic illnesses.

Turmeric is known to possess great benefits for human health. It is in use since ancient times to treat many physical illnesses and give certain benefits that can improve humans’ overall health. Turmeric is a spice that is taken from the turmeric plant. It is mostly used in many Asian foods. You may definably know many such dishes that include turmeric in them. It also has a warm and bitter taste and can add flavor and color to many dishes. The turmeric root is used to treat many illnesses and hence is added to most medicines. The yellow-colored chemical known as curcumin is mostly used in cosmetics and food colors.

Most illnesses treated with turmeric are arthritis, joint pain, heartburn, stomach pain, ulcerative colitis, bypass surgery, etc. It is also used to treat headaches of different intensity and heal lung infections and recover from cancers and surgeries. It can also treat swelling in the mid-layer of the eye.

 A few people also use turmeric to apply to the skin for pain, sprains, ringworm, swelling, or bruising. It is used on eye infections, leech bites, and inflammatory skin issues. It can also act as an enema for people who have inflammatory bowel illnesses.

Make sure you don’t confuse turmeric with the Javanese turmeric root that isn’t the same as turmeric in the original. In the manufacturing and food industries, the essential oil from turmeric is used in most perfumes, and the resin in it is used as a color and flavor component in foods.

But to use turmeric supplements, you must know its following effects of certain diseases and health issues:

  • High cholesterol: In most researches, it is suggested that having turmeric extracts by mouth daily, two times for over 3 months, helps in reducing the total cholesterol, reducing bad cholesterol, i.e., the LDL.
  • Osteoarthritis: A few research types suggest that having turmeric supplements all alone or after combining with some other herbal ingredients may reduce pain and help in people with osteoarthritis. In a few research types, turmeric also worked almost equal to ibuprofen for helping with osteoarthritis pain.

But it doesn’t seem to work and the diclofenac for the improvement of function and pain among people with osteoarthritis.

  • A few scientific research types suggest that having turmeric by mouth thrice a day for over eight weeks may reduce itching among people with a long-term kidney illness. Also, early research suggests taking a specific combination of product C3 complex and Sami Labs LTD with curcumin and black pepper in them may help with the severity of itching and improve people’s life quality with chronic itching problem. This itching may mostly be caused by mustard gas.

  • Stomach ulcers: In a few research types, it is suggested that having turmeric thrice daily for over eight weeks may not improve stomach ulcers. Taking powdered four times every day may be less effective than having conventional antacid.
  • Alzheimer’s disease: Early research suggests that having curcumin, which is a chemical mostly found in turmeric every day for six months, may not benefit people that have Alzheimer’s disease. Having conventional medicines for this disease is better than taking turmeric as a solution.
  • Eye inflammation: In many types of research, having curcumin that is a chemical found in turmeric, may improve the symptoms of the long-term inflammation in the middle layer of the eye.
  • Colorectal cancer: Early researches say that having a specific turmeric product containing turmeric extracts and the Javanese turmeric extract may help stabilize a measure of colon cancer. There is some early evidence that taking curcumin every day for a month may help reduce a few precancerous glands present in the colon of people with a risk of cancer.

These were a few benefits of using turmeric supplements that can directly affect the quality of life and reduce many health issues. These supplements can improve the quality of life and help with chronic illnesses that are hard to get rid of. You can take these supplements in many forms and can also add turmeric into your daily dishes. It will be a great source of adding flavor and color to your dishes. You can enjoy these medicinal roots for flavor and for having a healthy body. People from ancient times have used turmeric in many ways for taste, color, healing properties, etc.

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